Cocos2d-x v3.16 released!


  • better support creator_to_cocos2dx Creator plugin
  • add LayerRadiaGradientLayer
  • update to support Android Studio 2.3.3
  • fix the issue that lua projects will crash on iOS simulator with Xcode 8.0+
  • revert functionality of CocosStudio reader and flatbuffer
  • fix compling errors with iOS 11
  • use prebuit bullet libraries to improve compiling speed
  • remove supporting of Windows 10 metro, Windows Phones and Tizen
  • update to Spine v3.5.35 and support skeleton batching in web engine

Highlights in detail

Better support creator_to_cocos2dx

creator_to_cocos2dx is a Cocos Creator plugin that will export Scene information created by Cocos Creator for cocos2d-x C++/Lua projects. This plugin, uses Cocos Creator as a Scene editor for cocos2d-x. Cocos2d-x will continue to be improved to support more Cocos Creator features.

For more detailed information and usage, please refer to plugin’s the README.

Scene effect in cocos creator

 Scene effect in cocos2d-x


LayerRadialGradient is similar to LayerColor, but will only draw color in a circle.

Lua app crashed on iOS simulator with Xcode 8.0+

After updating to Xcode 8.0+, lua projects will crash in the iOS simulator. It is a bug of luajit. v3.16, fixes this bug. You can just update luajit if you don’t want to update cocos2d-x.

Fix compiling error with iOS 11

Before cocos2d-x v3.16, CCFileUtils uses system() to remove a directory. iOS 11 remove system, so will cause compiling error with iOS 11. v3.16 fixes this issue.

Cocos Studio

coocs2d-x v3.15 updates flatbuffer, which breaks compatibility of Cocos Studio. In this version, we revert flatbuffer and the Cocos Studio reader.

You can just update flatbuffer and Cocos Studio reader if you don’t want to update cocos2d-x.

Improve compiling speed

As bullet is not needed for most developers, we now use a prebuilt bullet library. It will speed up compiling speed, and we will continue to use more prebuilt 3rd party libraries, such as 3d particles, Box2D and so on to speed up compiling speed.

We also fix many warnings too in this version. As some warnings are imported by 3rd party libaries, so we can not treat warnings as error, but we will continue to achieve this.

Remove some platforms support

As we are lack of human resources, so we remove some platforms.

Microsoft maintains Windows 10 platforms, but it doesn’t continue to maintain them. We have removed Windows 10. This means cocos2d-x based games can not run in Win10 metro mode and Windows Phones, but you can run it in Win32 mode.

Tizen platform has also been removed.

Download it today!

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