Cocos Creator 1.0.2 released!

Cocos Creator 1.0.2 officially released!

We are excited to release version 1.0.2 of Cocos Creator. Cocos Creator is a new, unified, development tool that handles every step in the game development process.

v1.0.2 brings:

  • [Animation] Allow position.x and position.y properties can be added separately in an animation
  • [Windows] Use new installer framework based on Squirrel.Windows. New version of Cocos Creator will be installed to %User/AppData/Local/CocosCreator, different version will be stored in sub folder named as app-x.x.x.
  • [Dashboard] Dashboard stays in memory now. When open a project the Dashboard window will hide, and show up again when the project is closed. Added Systray icon for dashboard. You can open multiple project from Dashboard now.
  • [JSB] Fixed newly created cc.SpriteFrame via url cannot be displayed when assigned to sprite issue.
  • [Engine] We include cocos2d-x prebuilt library in installation so no more manually building for that.
  • [Render] Add SpriteDistortion component for simulating a 3D ball rolling effect
  • [Render] Add Circle mode for Mask component
  • [Render] Fixed rotating a node with Mask will not display correctly issue.
  • [Console] Optimized duplicated message into collapsed messages.
  • [Animation] Fixed switching among multiple animation clip may cause timeline to lock up issue.
  • [Animation] Fixed play animation direction error when wrapMode is set to Reverse
  • [Animation] Fixed root node may jump to other position when updated sample issue.
  • [Component] Fixed help button link on builtin components
  • [Component] Add tooltip for Layout and EditBox components
  • [Prefab] Fixed when reference a node from scene on a component attached to Prefab may cause duplicated node instantiated together with prefab issue.
  • [Tiledmap] Fixed rotated tile in a tax file will not display correctly issue.
  • Build] emit a editor:build-finished message after a successful build process. So plugins can catch that and do modifications to the built project.
  • [Build] Fixed iOS project templates may cause rejection when submitting to iTunes connect issue.
  • [Editor] Make error message when requiring third party javascript library more clear.
  • [Auto Update] Fixed when text is large in change log, the window will not display all content issue.

Download are available for Mac and Windows

You Tube video.

There are also many demos to show a complete game:

  1. ‘Dark Slash’ basic game loop demo. Special thanks to Veewo Games for authorizing us to use original ‘Dark Slash’ game resources to make this tutorial.
  2. UI Demos including multi-resolution supporting menu interface with cool transition animations, a backpack generated by data and prefab and a Clash Royale style navigation menu showcase.
  3. Blackjack demo, collaboratively developed with Tencent Games.
  4. Flappy Bird clone featuring a sheep.
  5. Star Catcher demo game, in user manual we have a quick start tutorial showing how to build this game step by step.

We will keep on adding more demos and complete games as well as improving the existing ones!

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