Join us for our 1st Bay Area Cocos2d-x Developer Meetup

We’re calling all Cocos developers to join us for an evening of learning, helpful tips and networking with local game studios and enthusiasts.  The evening kicks off with pizza, drinks and mingling with the Cocos community.  We’ll also have our team floating around to answer questions and offer 1-on-1 help.

Wed, May 06 from 6:30-9PM

Click here for more info and to RSVP

We’ll also be presenting informative and helpful talks:

How to add 3D characters and effects to your Cocos2d-x game
During the past year we have been adding 3D features in Cocos2d-x. Now you have the option of creating 2D games with 3D animations (great for 2.5D games), or you can create complete 3D games. Our engineer will describe all the new 3D features, and how to use it in your games.

Make Your Cocos2d-x Game 64bit Compatible in 30 minutes
Apple requires all iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support. In this hands on session, Cocos engineer will walk you through step-by-step how to make your game 64-bit compatible. A must attend session that will save you days or even weeks for trial and error.

A smooth ride of SDK integration: Introduction to Cocos SDKBOX initiative
Game developers spend up to 40% of their dev time integrating with SDKs. The new Cocos SDKBOX initiative will address this pain point. Our engineer will demo how integrating a typical ad SDK becomes effortless with this new product.

Unleash the Powers of Cocos and Windows: A Tutorial on Developing for Windows Phone with Cocos
You’ve heard about our contest rewarding $50k in prizes. Now we’re here to give pointers on making your game with a brief tutorial on developing Cocos2d-x games for the Windows platform. After the talk, we’ll offer one-on-one workshop assistance to developers entering the contest.


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