Cocos Creator v1.6.1 released!

As the first patch version of v1.6, we have adjusted the code of instantiate operation for new JSB framework to boost performance. We also solved multiple crash issue for new JSB framework. Another focus of the patch is for TypeScript property declaration and serialization issues. The TypeScript usage in new version is much simpler and more stable.

Full Changelog

– [Editor] Fixed the problem that the editor does not open normally when a script error occurs

– [Editor] Fixed an issue that the script information was retrieved incorrectly from the asset IPC message

– [Editor] Fixed scripts for previews may conflict with npm third-party library script if share the same name

– [Editor] Fixed a problem when the resource was not loaded at the zip package when the resource was not prompted

– [Prefab] Fix auto sync prefab coordinates failed to be saved in scene issue

– [Extension] [Breaking] Fix the problem in the scene-script module can not be loaded in the project, please use cc.require

– [Properties] Fixed in the switching node active property, there will be a period of time active values can not show the problem

– [Properties] Fixed a problem where some of the attribute values were lost during bulk copy

– [Build] upgrade Android Studio Gradle build the version of the plug-in to 2.3.0, you can see in the compilation phase more detailed compilation information

– [Engine] Fixed in WebGL mode when cc.Graphics is filled with multiple shapes, the previously filled color will change

– [Engine] Fixed on iOS double-tap home to drop application crashes

– [Engine] Fixed prefab instantiate takes longer in v1.6 issue

– [Engine] Fixed the potential crash of the network module

– [Engine] Fixed load remote map, url with a query will cause the map to cover each other bug

– [Engine] Fixed sorting algorithm causes repeated allocation of Uint8Array and a memory leak problem

– [Engine] Fixed cc.loader loading-items may not be properly unregistered problem

– [Engine] Repair scene resources are automatically released when the resident node may still release the problem of resources

– [Action] Fix the clone, reverse method of the BaseJSAction class Return value incorrectly

– [TypeScript] Fixed bugs that some TypeScript classes could not deserialize after inheriting each other

– [TypeScript] Fix the problem that the TypeScript default value may be wrong after the build

– [TypeScript] No longer need to repeat the default value of the specified property in the decorator

– [JSB] Fixed error of the EditBox when the JS delegate object is reclaimed

– [Label] Fixed the problem that the node size has not changed after the assignment is premature when the label is created

– [Label] Fixed the dynamic setting of the TTF type font will cause the outline to be missing

– [Label] Fixed repeatedly creating Label will cause the font to display wrongly

– [Animation] Fixed the problem when the animationClip is added repeatedly

– [RichText] Enables the <img> tag to support setting height and width, but maintains the basic principle “The image height does not exceed the set line height”

– [WebView] supports setJavascriptInterfaceScheme and setOnJSCallback (only used in Android with iOS)

– [WebView] Fixes events in the WebView that are also triggered in the editor environment

– [Layout] Fixed issue when toggle active of Layout node will not refresh the child node location

– [Camera] Fixed some of the camera target will lead to undefined reference

– [Spine] Fixed Spine event callback may occur if the conversion event data fails

– [DragonBones] repair DragonBones in the original platform to remove the problem

– [Tiledmap] Open the DepthTest for CCSGTMXLayer alone, solve the problem of wrong depth of tiles

Download it today!

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