Cocos Creator v1.5.2 released!

When in the beta phase, Cocos Creator v1.5.2 has already got a log of of positive feedback. On the track of v1.5.1 patch, this version continues to further strengthen the stability and enhance the efficiency. The following describes the highlight of this version.



Significantly reduced script compilation time

For projects with a large code base, the script compilation time becomes a big concern to developers. In version 1.5.2, we have further optimized the compilation process so that the compilation time has been greatly reduced. And in the next version we will completely rework the script bundle system, to achieve that when preview during development there’s no need to compile code at all.

Add culling for Camera

The introduction of Camera component in the previous version has an impact on culling of objects outside the viewport range. In this version we have re-organized this part of the function, and now we can ensure that objects outside the camera perspective can be properly culled off. We also solved problems with objects instantiated outside the perspective of cameras that may not be displayed correctly in some cases.

In addition, the cc.Camera.getCameraToWorldPoint() interface is added to correctly get the world coordinates of objects under camera view.


Support Visual Studio 2017

When compiling on windows platform, the option to compile with VS 2017 is added. Also note that we will no longer support VS 2013 from the next Creator version on, please prepare your development environment to make the necessary adjustments.


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