Cocos Creator v1.5.1 released!

In this version we have fixed a lot of issues from testing and user feedback, some of the major ones that will have a great impact include:

1. Improve the async callback mechanism when downloading assets, increase speed of the native and Web assets loading by 2 to 3 times

We found that the download process may have unnecessary asynchronous waiting when loading the scene assets. In 1.5.1 we fixed the problem and made the assets load faster than v1.4 version. The following chart shows the performance of new version in a real native project loading the first scene.

2. On iOS platform we disable async function of openssl library, to avoid Apple store reject the program for using forbidden API (setcontext, getcontext, makecontext, etc).

Recently Apple store submission review has become more strict for API usage. We will continue to keep track of Apple’s review standards, and we will solve the possible API usage problems from the engine level.

3. Add the build option “Merge SpriteFrame in Atlas”, the default is not checked so that when there’re too many spriteFrames in atlas, the loading speed of first scene won’t be affected.

In 1.5.0 we will merge the SpriteFrame in atlas by default. This will result in a asset description file that takes a long time to parse when the amount of spriteFrame is large. If developer does not care for many asset request (for example on native platform) he/she can disable this option and get a faster loading for the first scene.

Download it today!

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