Cocos Creator v1.5 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Cocos Creator v1.5!

This version 1.5 update focuses on the lack of features for action games large-scale project development, through the provision of physics engine, camera and TypeScript support.

Cocos Creator is now able to develop all kinds of action games and large projects for much better experience. In addition to the high expectations of the community requested new features, we once again optimized the engine load logic, a substantial increase in the scene loading and parse speed; In addition, we refactored the Windows desktop and Android platform Label and EditBox implementation, greatly enhanced the experience and compatibility.

Highlight features

– Integrated Box2D physics engine, add rigidbody and joint components

– Add Camera components to support high speed scrolls without loss of performance

– TypeScript and ES6 Class support, fully enhanced IDE code prompt

– Optimize the scene loading process, the scene load speed increased by 38%

– Cross-project assets export / import, assets dependencis will be automatically associated.

– Enhance the experience and compatibility of Label and EditBox in the Windows desktop platform and Android platform

– Improved hot update with continued download after connection broken.

Read the full release notes.

Download it today !


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