Setting up Facebook app for SDKBOX services


In order to correctly avail all the Facebook services provided by SDKBOX, follow the steps as mentioned in this article.

Create a Facebook App

Go through the following steps mentioned to create a Facebook App –

  • Before you start to create a Facebook app, register yourself with a Facebook Developer account. Please go through the link and click on Create Developer Account button and go through the process as being asked by Facebook.
  • After being registered as Facebook Developer, please go to
  • Click on My Apps, and select Add a New App.
  • Select any platform that you want. (iOS/Android/Facebook Canvas/Website), you can add other platforms once your app is created.
  • Now click on Skip And Create App ID button.
  • Now you should be presented with a popup window asking for Display Name, Category etc. Please fill it and then click on Create App ID button.
  • By this time your app would be created and you will be redirected to the Dashboard of your app.


Configuring your Facebook App

Congratulations now !
You have created a Facebook App, but you are some steps behind to make it to work. Please follow up the configurations steps to make your Facebook App live.

  • Go to the Settings panel in your Facebook app and please fill the Contact Email field and save your changes.
  • Now, go to the App Review panel in your Facebook app and click on the live status slider button to make your app live.
  • After this you should be able to see a green dot next to your app name. If so, then your app is live and ready to use.


Adding supporting platforms to your Facebook App

Now as you have a live Facebook App, you should be adding supporting platforms into it. Basically we need to add 3 platforms to support Android and iOS.

  • Go to the Settings panel of your Facebook App and click on +Add Platform button.
  • Now, select Android from the list, then fill the package name of your game/app and keyhash to use Facebook services inside your app.
  • Now, similarly add iOS platform for your Facebook app.
  • In order to receive notifications and app invites in your desktop browser you must add Facebook Canvas support to your app also.


Adding User Roles to your Facebook App

In order to send app invites to your friends and your friend receiving app invite notification, you must add them as Developers/Testers as per your preference. When your app is in Development mode then only testers/developers can get invitations from you. Please go through the Roles panel of your Facebook app to assign roles to your testers to check app invites in Development mode.

NOTE: If you expect your friends to receive notification on their desktop web browser, then you must add Facebook Canvas as platform to your Facebook app.

Now, you are ready to use your Facebook app for SDKBOX services.
Please go through the documentation for detailed use of Facebook plugin.


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