Interview with the team behind RatNRoll

The team behind RatNRoll tell us about using Cocos2d-x to develop their new game! Take a read:

1. Tell us where you came up with the idea for this game. What were your inspirations?

top-bannerHard to tell where the inspiration exactly came from. We were experimenting with various ideas on how to control the game with simple touches and at some point we thought that was it! And the idea for the main character? We thought rats are underestimated in mobile games business ๐Ÿ™‚

2. What version of Cocos2d-x did you use?

We started with version 3.5 and sticked to it until the very end.

3. How did you decide to use Cocos2d-x instead of Unity, Unreal Engine or SDL?

We had some previous experience with cocos2d-x, so it was a natural choice for us.ย Free, open code and support for multiple platforms were also very compelling for us.

4. What features did the engine offer you that made development easy? What do you wish the engine did better?

If we had to choose one feature it would be the fact that cocos2d-x is highly customizable.

screenshot15. What tools did you use besides the engine?

We used R.U.B.E. for modeling physics and Particle Designer to configure particles.

6. What 3rd party libraries did you need to use?

We didn’t have to integrate any special libraries.

7. Did you create the art yourself? What tools?

All the graphics and animations were made by us using Adobe Photoshop and Spine.

8. Did you create the music yourself? What tools?

We bought music. Sound effects were recorded by us ๐Ÿ™‚

screenshot39. Will you continue to make games in the future?

Definitely! We had a lot of fun, though sometimes it was difficult to find time for development as we both work as full-time engineers.

10. Do you use SDKBOX? If so, what plugins are you currently using?

No, we didn’t use SDKBOX.

11. Lastly, any advice for those also making games on how to get to a release point?

Prototype extensively and don’t be afraid to throw away prototypes. And stay focused, don’t spend too much time on irrelevant details.

RanNRoll is available for IOS.

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