Build a 5-Star Game with the SDKBOX Apteligent Plugin

Apteligent, formerly known as Crittercism, provides tools that empower mobile developers and product managers to prioritize, troubleshoot, and resolve issues that damage their users’ app experience. We’re thrilled to work with Cocos2d-x and the SDKBOX team to allow Apteligent to be easily installed on the platform.

Game developers face a tough challenge with the saturation of games in the App Store and increasing expectations from users. If your game is slow or crashing, the user will simply move on to your competitor. In addition, poor performance hurts ratings and reviews, which in turn discourages downloads from the App Store.

Apteligent enables developers to get detailed, real-time information to find and resolve crashes, freezes, and issues in key user flows. Product managers and KPI owners get global mobile industry data and competitive insight to better plan and focus their mobile initiatives, as well as real-time visibility to app metrics that enable rapid issue detection, prioritization, and release-over-release app improvement. Mobile teams can easily track crash rate, app load time, UI latency, network latency, and more.

Three Steps to Get Started

It’s very quick to get started with Apteligent on Cocos2d-x.

1. Signup

First, signup for an account by going to:

2. Register an App

The next screen will ask you to register an app. Apteligent provides an easy onboarding flow that allows you to select Cocos2d-x, and will then instruct you on how to install Apteligent using SDKBOX.


3. One line of code using SDKBox!

The last step is to simply install Apteligent using SDKBOX. If you have not yet installed SDKBOX to manage your SDKs, click here for installation instructions. Finally, in your terminal, type “sdkbox import apteligent” to automate the installation. This will install the SDK and generate a default config file. Make sure to edit the config file with your Apteligent App ID. You can find this ID on your App Settings page in Apteligent.



Monitor User Experience in Real-time

Once the Apteligent SDK is installed, you’ll receive automated tracking of customer issues including crashes, network failures, and slow app load times. You can optionally configure the monitoring of key user flows like user registration, login, and in-app purchase flows. You’ll be able to triage issues by either customer or business impact. The SDK will also automatically report customer journey that led to the issue.


Apteligent is used by some of the largest gaming publishers in the world including Zynga, Glu Mobile, and DeNA. In addition, Apteligent is trusted by three of the top five credit card issuers, three of the top five media companies, three of the top five retailers, and two of the top three hotel chains with the success of their strategic mobile app initiatives.

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