Re-cap: Feb 21, 2016 Bangalore India Meetup.

We are glad to announce that we have successfully conducted our second Cocos event on 21st Feb, 2016 at Moonfrog Labs in Bangalore, India. A big thanks to our Regional Coordinator (@pabitrapadhy) who gave a talk on “Advancing with Cocos and SDKBOX” with in-depth presentation and insights from one of India’s top game studios (Moonfrog Labs).

We were truly inspired by the attendees who joined us and shared their development experiences with us. It makes us really happy to hear back from our users who cherish our growth and the advancements that has been added to Cocos. We are glad that all our work has been fruitful.

Event Limelight

The event started with a brief overview of our first meetup and the advancements that has been added into Cocos (Improvised documentation, Advanced 3D concepts, Most recent releases and overview of Cocos Creator) since our last meetup.

With the insights of Moonfrog Labs and their success in Mobile Gaming Industry (Teen Patti Gold, Smash Cricket, Bingo Club) it was an absolute pleasure to all our attendees knowing advanced gaming concepts that could be added on top of Cocos to make effective and fun to play games. Use of Shaders, Networking and better memory management made our afternoon.


12744585_1041206912609550_5371156122218428745_nThe Co-Founder of Moonfrog (Puspesh K, on the right) told our attendees why they choose to go with Cocos as the main engine for all their top-rated games. The amount of flexibility to customise the engine, support from low-end android and iOS to exotic flagships, performance that Cocos delivers that’s best for emerging gaming markets like India, improvements to the engine within just one year were the benchmarks that impressed them. With the stable and improvised support for CocosStudio and services like SDKBOX, it’s really easy for developers to focus on making immersive games.



Following the first part of the meetup was an equally informative session on Networking and handling efficient 12728903_1041206849276223_5153665091718571277_nmemory management in your games by Inderpal (Lead Game Developer, Moonfrog) to the right. The use of different networking solutions for your server backed game, sharing their experience with all multi-player games they have developed till now.

12715588_1041206972609544_7436769792251969474_nPerhaps something more interesting was the use of Shaders in games to
reduce memory wastage on sprites with colour variations ( jerseys used in Smash Cricket) by Hari (Lead Game Developer, Moonfrog) to the left. Also creating different effects with shaders and a brief info on the use of GPU for most computation as the most unused resource in smartphones, rather than solely depending on CPU for computation.


The third part of the meetup extended services that we introduces during our last meetup. Advancements in SDKBOX with over 23 plugins and extensive support for Cocos, Unity and Unreal to make developers life easy with simple implementations. Finally, we ended up with a networking session and our user feedbacks to make us the best.


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