Integrate with Scientific Revenue’s Dynamic Pricing Service and Grow IAP Revenue by 20-40%

Developers using SDKBOX now have access to a powerful new way to better monetize their mobile games. Scientific Revenue’s Pricing Cloud enables dynamic pricing for IAP. Created by a team of data scientists with decades of experience in game economics and data science, Scientific Revenue’s dynamic pricing engine uses machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver targeted prices that increase conversion and maximize overall revenue.

Scientific Revenue’s Pricing Cloud is a managed service – prices are automatically optimized by Scientific Revenue without ongoing effort on your part. But that does mean you will need to contact Scientific Revenue to see if your game is suitable for price optimization and discuss partnership details.

NOTE: Once your app or game has been approved for integration with Scientific Revenue, you can get access to our online integration and documentation site. Our approval is required because before integration can begin, we need to create a Pricing Cloud instance for your game to interact with.

The Pricing Cloud SDK has been extensively tested and certified by Chukong and now, using SDKBOX, can easily be added to any Cocos2d-x game or application. Once integrated the SDK communicates with our pricing engine to automatically segment players and delivers targeted prices without any additional effort on the part of the game developer or live operations team.

All required client integration methods and objects are in one class in our SDK. Integration takes only three to five days to complete and involves the following general steps with several success check points to help ensure a smooth integration:

  • Step 1: Incorporate our SDK into your build without using any API calls. This will not change your application’s behavior in any way and is a basic “sanity check” for development.
  • Step 2: Code the initialization of our SDK. If successful, your client can exchange basic, default pricing information with our Pricing Cloud. At the end of this step, you will be receiving prices from our SDK, but they will not be dynamic (so the behavior to the end-user is unchanged).
  • Step 3: Code using information from our SDK the display of a dynamic payment wall. If successful, your client can receive and display dynamic payment walls based on player segments.
  • Step 4: Code using our SDK’s simple message queuing system providing notification of wallet balance changes and real money transaction to our back end servers. Integration assumes our pricing optimization co-exists with your existing payment flows and wallet; you just pass the data securely to us. If successful, your client app receives confirmation that our Pricing Cloud has received the messages.
  • Step 5: Code using our SDK providing user tags for QA, then perform QA on a real device before your integrated app is pushed live.

Once the new build has been submitted and approved by the app stores (Google, Apple, and so on), there is no more work required. Scientific Revenue manages price optimization and adjustments in the App Stores.

Please contact for information about the approval process and how we can work together.

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