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Grabbing OpenGL frames with Android Studio

An OpenGL Frame Grabber allows us to analyze all the OpenGL function calls that render a particular frame. With it, among other things, we can find performance issues and rendering bugs. A few months ago, OpenGL Frame grabbing capabilities were added into Android

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Interview with the team behind “Water City”

The team behind Water City talks with us about using Cocos2d-x to create their new game. 1. Tell us where you came up with the idea for this game. What were your inspirations? We developed the game during a Game

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Handling Non-Consumable IAP items using SDKBOX

Overview Handling your IAP items is quite an easy task, if you are using SDKBOX plugins. You need to be cautious with the following quick-checks to handle your IAP items. This post primarily aims at informing developers the correct way

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