Interview with Rexopax, developers of Age Of Hell Primus.

The team at Rexopax talks with us about developing Age Of Hell Primus.

1. Tell us where you came up with the idea for this game. What were your

scrshot_c_007The game idea came up during a team discussion concerning the troublesome world we are living in today, with increasing violence, terrorism and war. This lead to the idea of creating a game about good and evil. This resulted in great inspiration and the idea about angels fighting demons on Earth and in Hell. Age of Hell Primus is our third game and the first one that doesn’t have a historical theme.

2. What version of cocos2d-x did you use?

We used cocos2d-x version 3.7, but we will use version 3.9 in our next game update.

3. How did you decide to use cocos2d-x instead of Unity, Unreal Engine or SDL?

Since we have a C++ programming background we found that Cocos2d-x was very suitable for us to use. We love the open source concept and the thriving forum connected to it, as well as the joyful feeling of using it. Cocos2d-x is both playful and inspiring compared to, for example, SDL. We fell in love with cocos2d-x in the very moment we started using it, perhaps because it fulfills its purpose very well.

4. What features did the engine offer you that made development easy? What do you wish the engine did better?

Well, the node action system is an extremely useful and powerful tool. We’re using it more and more, as we have come to realize how genius it is. Furthermore, we love the built in GUI-system that works very well. When it comes to improvement, perhaps cocos2d-x would benefit from a built in 2d-camera. If it exists, we haven’t found it yet. For the moment, we do pinching on layers with our own code, zooming in and out.


5. What tools did you use besides the engine?

We used Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 and Xcode 7.

6. What 3rd party libraries did you need to use?

Sonar Systems have made a lot of good game tutorials. We used the Sonar Cocos Helper library, in order to be able to use iOS Game Center and Google Play Game Services. We must say that it was pretty easy to get it to work and it has been working perfectly for us so far.

7. Did you create the art yourself? What tools?

Yes, we have created all the art ourselves. The models and units were created and rendered in Blender. The rest of the art was created with Pixelmator, Photoshop and the old MS paint. We still do some pixel art, pixel by pixel.

8. Did you create the music yourself? What tools?

Yes, we created the music ourselves. As indie developers we work more or less without a budget, which means that we usually do all work by ourselves. When creating music we’re using Garageband as well as Audacity when editing.

9. Will you continue to make games in the future?scrshot_b_008

Yes, we have a long list of game ideas that we intend to keep on working with. New game ideas are added all the time, as we get inspired along the way. There will be RTS games, management games, simulation games and probably some more turn based games as well. High on the list we have a free to play RTS multiplayer game. We are really looking forward to begin working on this game. All games will be made with cocos2d-x.

10. Do you use SDKBOX? If so, what plugins are you currently using?

We haven’t used SDK-box yet, but we are planning to use IAP in our next game. We are very thankful for the implemented features concerning this.

11. Lastly, any advice for those also making games on how to get to a release

Our advice is to make a detailed plan of all the work that need to be done. Do your best to stick to this plan, without changing it too much. To strive for perfection and implement every possible game feature might take forever. Narrowing down the game features and writing them all down in a plan might help here.

Age Of Hell Primus has both a free and paid version for iOS and also an Android version.

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