Re-cap: Sept 12, 2015 Bangalore India Meetup.

We are glad to announce that we have successfully conducted our first Cocos event on 12th Sept, 2015 at Dhruva Interactive, Studio – H in Bangalore, India. A big thanks to our Regional Coordinator (@pabitrapadhy) who gave a talk on “Game Development using Cocos”.

We were overwhelmed by the attendees who were true game enthusiasts. A special thanks to our attendees who came from outside of Bangalore, we appreciate your love and concern for us.

Event Limelight

The event presented a brief of Games & Game Development, following up we introduced Cocos, Cocos Powers and Cocos Services. Cocos powers are – Open-source, Cross-Platform, Least memory footprint, faster runtime and how they help in game development for developers.

We started with Cocos and shared the ideals of the world’s #1 open-source game development platform and a little history about it’s spawning, different components of our engine and it’s functional architecture. We shared our Cocos Powers which outstands us compared to other game engines. We introduced Cocos game engine, a little history about it, as when it was released after ported from Cocos2d. Different components like – sound engine, physics engine (chipmunk, box2d), animator editor support, base components and all. Cocos architecture means how the api’s are interacting with the base engine.


We do love to deliver top-notch and exceptional service to our developers worldwide whether they are indie-developers or full grown studios. So, we introduced our services like – Programmers’ Guide, CocoStudio & SDKBOX that helps developers to develop their ideas in a fast pace.

Following the event we had a small session of networking and Q&A, where our attendees showed us their variety of work and different support they need from Cocos.



As we are very liaison we went through everyone’s query through the report generated by our Regional Coordinator post event, and we loved your support for us. We promise to deliver even better experience when it comes to game development in near future.

We would also like to show our gratitude to SOOMLA and Moonfrog Labs who came forward to join us for the next event in India.

We hope you liked our giveaways and free Cocos2d-x e-books bundle by us.
Hope to see you guys and other attendees during our next meetup.


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Presentation Slides (PDF)


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