noesisGUI for cocos2d-x

We are proud to announce a version of noesisGUI compatible with Cocos2d-x.

In the last days we have been working to provide an integration of our GUI framework into Cocos2d-x. The result of this work in progress is available at:

NoesisGUI is a robust user interface framework that offers a mature object oriented API. It was designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Vector based: vector primitives converted back to triangles in real time using a tessellation algorithm. This allows for resolution independent user interfaces with optimum quality for any given resolution.
  • GPU accelerated: proprietary SVG rasterizer implemented 100% on the GPU using shaders.
  • Based on XAML: we use XAML files as source data for NoesisGUI. A wide subset of the XAML standard is supported allowing the use of Microsoft Blend or any other editor to design the visual aspect of the user interface.
  • Multithreaded architecture
  • Animation: all properties found in NoesisGUI elements can be fully animated using a wide set of curves and transitions.
  • Projection: UI elements can be projected onto 3D achieving high end visual effects.
  • Skinning: the visual style of any NoesisGUI widget can be thoroughly customized thanks to an integrated templating system.
  • Data Binding: simple and consistent way for applications to present and interact with data using MVVM patterns. It provides a flexible representation of data and a clean separation of business logic from the user interface.
  • Workflow efficiency: UI independent data resources to allow changing the visual aspect without writing a single line of code, allowing programmers and artists working in parallel and avoiding bottlenecks.
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