Upcoming Cocos2d-x workshop at Codemotion in Madrid, Spain

There will be a workshop about game development with Cocos2d-x at the Codemotion Madrid (Spain) conference.


When: November 28 at 9:30am.
Where: Codemotion Madrid conference
Presented by: Jon Segador (http://jonsegador.com)


What’s covered: In this workshop we will learn to create a “Space Invaders”  type video game for Android and iPhone from scratch. It begins with the main menu, from which you access to the game screen. Then add the ship and give the ability to move around the screen and shoot. Next, create show some asteroids which will be shoot to beat the game. Finally, add background music and sound effects to the bullets.



Video demonstration of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaggAQhNUIQ
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