SDKBOX Success Story: Seven Tiles Studio

Andrés Ruiz B., Co-Founder of Seven Tiles Studio in Alcoy, Spain tells us how his team discovered just how powerful and time-efficient SDKBOX integration really is.

Seven Tiles was able to reduce their development time significantly as an early adopter of SDKBOX. Since their experience, a new installer has been released which cuts integration time down to just mere hours.

At Seven Tiles Studio, we achieved our goal of integrating AdColony service in our new game Faster Than You for iOS and Android faster than we thought was possible. The game was released in June, and since its launch, it has been steadily climbing the stores’ charts, so we expect a revenue increase from advertising within the next few weeks.

As with many projects, Faster Than You development took longer than expected.  Just a week before the deadline, the game still didn’t have any advertising platform integrated yet. At that point, the deadline seemed impossible to accomplish. Fortunately, SDKBOX saved the day by providing excellent efficient and time-saving tools. Of course, we experienced some typical beta product problems, but nothing compared to what we would have faced with having to integrate native SDKs for each platform. We managed to have it fully working in a day and a half, and triumphantly made our deadline.

Check out Faster Than You, which is available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

We’d like to thank Cocos2D-X, which is a great and professional engine, and SDKBOX and all the efforts to enhance Cocos and its ecosystem.


Do you have an SDKBOX success story to share with us?

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