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“Unleash the Power of Cocos and Windows” Contest – Supported Code Jam

We’ve got another event coming up in May.  You may already know about our Meetup, and now we’re here to help you finish up your game for the “Unleash the Power of Cocos and Windows” contest. Do you have questions

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Performance issue caused by SimpleAudioEngine on Android 5.0

SimpleAudioEngine will cause performance issue on Android 5.0. Reason SimpleAudioEngine uses SoundPool to play effects. But the implementation of SoundPool has performance issue on Android 5.0. Detail information please refer to this thread. How to fix Cocos2d-x added new audio

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Cocos2d-x v3.6 released

We are happy to announce that cocos2d-x v3.6 is released. Because Angle doesn’t support WP8 any more, and WP8’s market share is around 20% worldwide with variations across countries, so we removed WP8 support suggested by MS OPEN TECK guys

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So many devices, so little time.

Device fragmentation is why we need to test automation for our apps. Most mobile developers can relate to the struggle with issues related to crashing, the fragmentation of the Android market, and a lack of good resources to track and

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Cocos2d-x v3.5 for Tizen Released

We are happy to announce that cocos2d-x v3.5 for Tizen is released. This version added Tizen platform support based on cocos2d-x v3.5, no any new feature was added. Download Documentation You can refer to this documentation for detail information about

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Developing 3D for Cocos2d-x

23rd April 2015 – Written by Peter Respondek As of Cocos2d-x 3.0 we can now start adding 3D art to our games. This feature comes none too soon as the number of hand held devices out there that can render

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Do you know about Testin Crash Analytics?

  Testin Crash Analytics is an efficient troubleshooting tool that can monitor all crashes and exceptions in real-time.  As a crash analysis tool, Testin Crash Analytics is custom-made for mobile games, capable of capturing game engine errors and offers support for

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Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Cocos

Hundreds of millions of users play game apps every day across a wide variety of devices — from Xbox and Windows to iOS, Android, and the Web. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed watching Visual Studio grow to become one of

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Join us for our 1st Bay Area Cocos2d-x Developer Meetup

We’re calling all Cocos developers to join us for an evening of learning, helpful tips and networking with local game studios and enthusiasts.  The evening kicks off with pizza, drinks and mingling with the Cocos community.  We’ll also have our

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Announcing the Windows Game Contest!

We are extremely excited to announce our Windows Game Contest sponsored by Chukong and Microsoft. Who: you as individual or your company! What: Bring your best Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-js or Cocos2d-lua games to Windows or Windows Phone 8.1 All submissions must be received

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