Porting Cocos2d-x to CI20

Fantasy Warrior 3D running on Cocos2d-x v3.4 + Lua

Fantasy Warrior 3D, a Cocos2d-x v3.4 Lua game, running on CI20

Being open source has many advantages. One of it is that you can take the source code and port it to new platforms. And that is what I did last week for GDC: I ported both Cocos2d-x v4.0-alpha0 and v3.4 to MIPS Creator CI20.

The porting process was very straight forward:

  • I compiled the cocos2d-x 3rd party dependencies for Android MIPS
    • Then I manually copied the binaries + headers to the cocos2d-x/external folder
  • I compiled cocos2d-x Cpp-test for Android MIPS
    • The only thing that I did was to add “APP_API := mips” in Application.mk

And that’s it.

The issues that I found are:

  • You must use GCC 4.8 as the NDK Toolchain. GCC 4.9 crashes immediately, and Clang crashes on some tests. I’m not sure why.
  • It uses Lua instead of LuaJIT, since LuaJIT is not supported on MIPS
  • JavaScript Bindings were not ported¬†yet

Cocos2d-x running on CI20

GDC 2015. In the top monitor you can see Cpp-Tests from Cocos2d-x v4.0-alpha0 running on CI20


Detailed steps to port Cocos2d-x to CI20:


The NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION environment variable must be set to 4.8. eg:

b) Clone the Cocos2d-x 3rd party dependencies

Clone the the v4 branch of Cocos2d-x-3rd-party-src repo from gihtub:

$ git clone https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x-3rd-party-libs-src
$ cd cocos2d-x-3rd-party-src
$ git checkout v4

c) Compile all the 3rd party dependencies for Android MIPS

$ cd build
$ ./build.sh -p=android --arch=mips

That will compile all the Android libraries. You can compile them one by one in case you need it. eg:

$ cd build
$ ./build.sh -p=android --arch=mips --libs=png

d) Copy the generated libraries to the Cocos2d-x “external” folder

$ cp -R android/ ~/path/to/cocos2d-x/external/

e) Configure Cpp-tests for MIPS

$ cd ~/path/to/cocos2d-x/tests/cpp-tests/proj.android/jni
$ vi Application.mk

And add the following line:
APP_ABI := mips

To support multiple platforms you can do:
APP_ABI := mips armeabi

If no APP_ABI is defined, it will only compile for armeabi.

f) Compile Cpp-tests

Go to the Cocos2d-x build directory and build Cpp-tests!

$ cd ~/path/to/Cocos2d-x/build
$ python ./android-build.py -p=20 -n -j8 cpp-tests

On another blog post I’ll describe the steps needed to port Cocos2d-x to CI20 for Linux. The logic is the same, but it is a bit more complex since the default Linux distribution installed on CI20 uses a different toolchain than the cross-compilation toolchain that is available from Mentor Graphics.

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