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Cocos2d-x v3.5 Released

We are happy to announce that cocos2d-x v3.5 is released. Download Highlights of v3.5 added 3d particle system, it supports Particle Universe disabled MoveTo::reverse(), because it is meaningless fixed transparent BillBoard and Sprite3D rendering error fixed the bug that

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Cocos2d-html5 V4 Alpha preview

We’ve been working hard for some months on the upcoming Cocos2d-html5 v4 release and we are excited about the features it will bring. Working on a new engine version is always a good opportunity to bring a fresh new approach

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Porting Cocos2d-x to CI20

Being open source has many advantages. One of it is that you can take the source code and port it to new platforms. And that is what I did last week for GDC: I ported both Cocos2d-x v4.0-alpha0 and v3.4

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