In addition to the NHL games

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Replica Handbags The “Celebrating the Game” segment of hockey stories across the country airing at Noon ET, was the most watched since the 2007 08 season.”These record numbers are just further evidence not only of Canadians’ love of hockey, but of how deeply they enjoy the level of coverage we offered during SCOTIABANK HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA,” said David Masse, Senior Director, CBC Sports. “They loved the stories, the passion and Designer Replica Belts the emotion that came through on this special day across the nation.”The 2011 edition of SCOTIABANK HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA celebrated “Trailblazers,” from Whitehorse, Yukon, showcasing the many ways in which hockey inspires leadership, innovation and exploration in Canadians both in the past and the present. In addition to the Replica Belts NHL games, programming involved coast to coast to coast satellite locations in Cole Harbour, NS, Quebec City, QC, Oakville, ON, Regina, SK, and Victoria BC, and a host of community events also took place across the country.CBC/Radio Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. Replica Handbags

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